Thursday, October 14, 2010

But I meant to say...

With a daughter who teaches High School English I’m always listening for interesting expressions of our language.

I think Yogi Berra could have said this.

On a recent Public Radio talk show about the long-term unemployed, a woman caller was explaining the frustration of sending out on-line resumes for jobs and why she’s turned more to personal networking in her pursuit of employment:  “On the computer, you’re just another piece of paper!”

The company I work for had a summer research internship that was filled by a PhD candidate in geology at a Midwest university.  The intern is a Chinese national, and she speaks and writes quite well.  But she recently e-mailed me to tell me that the schedule we had agreed upon for her research project would need to slip a few weeks and she closed her e-mail by writing:

“I am sorry if there is any incontinence caused.  Best regards,”  Nope, so far there’s no incontinence here at least!

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Unknown said...

My fav was in the fuse-box of my (now defunct) Toyota 4-runner:
"Do not use except correct amperes."

or my very own gaff: "Was ein schoene Tag!"
(correct: "So ein schoener Tag!")

or another yesterday of my own: "Feliz dia de los muertos"
(it is a serious day, nobody in any country ever says Happy day of the dead!!)