Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Bone to Pick

Anyone else getting tired of business names with the word “dog” in them that have nothing to do with the animal – just the weird whims of the business owner? Consider that one can have a financial exchange with “Big Dog…



Tree Stands





and many more of this flavor. If I see one more plumbing truck pass me on the highway with Black Dog, Lead Dog or Boss Dog in its name, I think I’ll ram it and claim temporary insanity (“bit by a rabid dog, officer, honest”).

Now my sister (the smart one in the family) has a thriving veterinarian practice in the Carolinas, but she doesn’t have “dog” anywhere in her business’ name. Of course if you visit her and her husband on their spread in the countryside (aka, “The Ponderosa”), you’ll see that they have at least 237 dogs roaming the range there. Some are inside dogs only, some outside only, and the rest are hybrids, or cross-dwellers, or whatever the proper canine term is for that lifestyle.

My favorite dog – a Fenway Frank with a tad of mustard, thank you.

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

Usually a generic dog as well. Sometimes a husky, but no collies, shepherds, or setters.