Sunday, May 13, 2012

No Fishing on Mother's Day

No fishing allowed on Mother's Day, unless it's the mother's honest choice (hear that all my friends who are fishing nuts?).  One route that I often take coming home from running errands in town takes me by a swampy area that straddles both sides of a back road.  In spring and in a wet summer the wetlands have a decent size expanse of standing water that can all but disappear during a dry summer. Right off the road where a culvert connects these two wetlands is a small  pull-off area suitable for perhaps two cars to park where people stop to fish. I can't imagine this wetland pool area contains much more than sunfish or perch - no great prize in my book. When I went by this afternoon there was just one vehicle parked there and on the water's edge stood a mother and a 5-6 year old boy. The mother was helping the boy with his fishing pole and tackle. Just the two of them. Was the father at work? In military service? Deceased? AWOL?  I'll never know of course. But I couldn't help but hope that the woman was having a rewarding and memorable Mother's Day with her son.

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