Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lizzie the Angry Schoolmarm

Getting lectured by an angry schoolmarm on national TV. How bizarre. “The system is rigged.” Always, “the system.”  Break out the tin foil hats again, ‘cause you know, Neil Armstrong didn’t really walk on the moon like those conservatives claim. They are e-v-i-l.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Arne Arneson comes to mind

Gringo said...

The rise of Lizzie Warren is proof positive that the system is rigged to accommodate people with second-rate intellects who can check off the right category boxes on their job applications.

Bookworm made the following comment on Elizabeth Warren's competence as a teacher.

I had some brilliant teachers when I was at law school in Texas. Elizabeth Warren was not among their number. While she knew her stuff, her disjointed, elliptical communication style made her one of the poorer teachers I’ve had during my 20 years as student (from kindergarten through my J.D.). I’ve always said that she was a nice lady (never mean or cutting to students), but teaching was not her skill.

Will Lizzie Warren give up her $14 million fortune to the less fortunate in Occupy Wall Street, a group for which she claims to be its intellectual author? I think not.