Saturday, July 9, 2011

South Sudan's Independence Day

Today, July 9, 2011 South Sudan became an independent country and was recognized as the 54th country in Africa and 193rd in the world. The journey started in January 2005 with a Comprehensive Peace Agreement that brought an end to decades of civil war between South Sudan and the northern government based in the city of Kartoum. Six months ago a referendum vote was taken in the South as to whether to form a separate country or remain part of the Kartoum government. Overwhelmingly South Sudanese voters chose an independent path.

As AVI noted in his blog today, Southern Sudanese living in this country celebrated the independence of their homeland. Most living here still have family members in South Sudan and so the ties are tangible and deep. The following photos are from the celebration in Manchester, NH where an estimated 600 to 800 Sudanese call home.


Peter Nhiany is VP of the non-profit Life for Sudan and one of the Lost Boys. Peter spoke elequently in urging his fellow young Sudanese to make the most of the educational opportunities in America.

Colorful clothingwas in abundance.

Pride for the adopted country as well as the homeland.

And a must-have at Sudanese celebrations is music ...

and dancing.

The day included speeches of course.

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John Sifferman said...

Candid photos that capture the feel of the celebration - thanks for posting.