Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

I get bored by the barrage of Best of the Year stories and features that print and digital media trot out every year between Christmas and New Years.  I guess it could be considered the equivalent of the Christmas Newsletter sent by some friends, family members and former college roommates.  Interesting, but only in moderation.

So I have no Top 10 favorite/earth-shattering/soul-ratting/did-you-miss-this-one? lists of 2011 newsie items to offer.  Just three humble observations on this Boxing Day.

1) Do Americans realize that Santa Claus is a Canadian citizen? (check out his place of residency).   We don’t want to follow the Canadian system of socialized medicine, so why do we reorient all of U.S. society, including 100% of our buying habits, between mid November and December 25th to be lined up with this foreign celebrity and his cultish elves?

2) One of the Back To The Future stainless steel Deloreans just sold for $541,200.  Seems like a bargain since a rebuilt flux capacitor alone goes for that much or more.

3) The menu of a new Asian restaurant in our area offers this tempting umbrella drink: “Virgin Pine Colada.”  I didn’t try it but it sounds tempting.  Better than the old Pine Coladas that had no sap or pitch aroma at all.  Maybe I’ll treat all my friends to one on New Years Eve.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

You'll likely be at my house New Year's, and you'd better not.

Michael said...

As to your first comment, it reminds me of the 4th of July tradition of playing the 1812 Overture. We did have a war in 1812, but not the war that the Russian composer was referring to - they were at war with France. But I guess it is those cannons that make this great work by a Russian composer a staple of our celebration of our independence.

Gringo said...

Virgin Pine Coladas? Bet they are made with Greek wine, which tastes a lot like resin. Must come from the barrels they are aged in.