Friday, March 9, 2012


Hard not to feel entitled when you live in a well-off community. We “needed” our own HS - to keep our kids from having to mingle with the working class of the neighboring city of course.  And once you have your own high school, then the sky’s the limit.

“But we have to have a North Korean language class at the HS, how else will our children get ahead in the world?  Why, this Spring the students can take a trip with Jimmy Carter to visit North Korea – you know, to bring peace and love.  And it will only cost $25,000 per student for the week!  We’re asking that 95% of that reasonable fee be covered by the school budget.”

“Now Lovey, what was the name again of that little school that our daughter will be attending this Fall?”  “Why dear, it’s Haaavad.”  “Oh yes, of course, Haaavad.”

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