Friday, March 30, 2012

Rogue Geology Causing Trouble Again

This just in from “Northern Neighbor News” - Thousands of wrecks happen every day on highways around the world. It's safe to say most aren't like the one that happened Wednesday in northern Ontario, when a collision and resulting pileup spilled millions of dollars of cash onto a Canadian highway. The wreck happened when a Brinks truck struck a rock outcropping near Kirkland Lake. Much like the Titanic, the rock ripped open the side of the truck, spilling an estimated $5 million in Canadian coins onto the highway in an ankle-deep array. The coins had come from the Canadian Mint and were headed for circulation.

Man, those pesky rock outcrops – drifting around the countryside creating mayhem, just like the Greenland icebergs during Spring breakup. “Gabbro gone wild,” you might say.  Hopefully the Mounties were armed with their rock hammers to subdue the lithographic varmints.


Gringo said...

The solution to these terrorist outcroppings is to bomb the hell out of them. To paraphrase Iosif Vissarionovich: no outcropping, no problem.

Sponge-headed ScienceMan said...

As Gen. Curtis Lemay declared, "Bomb them back to the Stone Age." Where is Lemay when you need him?