Friday, April 27, 2012


Canadians say “Eh?” at the end of a sentence making it into a question (you know they do, comedians make jokes about it all the time). “Our beer is so much better than what the Yanks make, eh?”  Brits will make a declarative statement, but then frequently throw in a question-phrase, mostly rhetorical, like “A pint goes down rather pip-pip here at the Crown and Rose, wouldn’t you say?  Or some other such question begging some type of a response. Not necessary a verbal response really, just a knowing wink, raised eyebrow, smile, etc.  Some sort of clue affirming that you understand and agree with the speaker.

In parts of the U.S., street-wise culture uses plenty of question-endings. “Jiggy is out of his mind tonight. You know what I’m talking about, bro?”

In Yankeeland we try not to prolong conversations by inviting additional and unnecessary responses. We finish a sentence and turn to take care of other business. No need for all that human interaction stuff.  Hmmm, but wait.  I just thought of an exception to that rule, don’t cha know?