Saturday, April 21, 2012

More than a Three Hour Tour

I came across a news story, apparently a few months old, about an 8 year old Indonesian girl who had been separated from family and swept out to sea in the tsunami that hit West Aceh after a massive earthquake hit the area two days after Christmas 2004. She miraculously reached landfall somewhere else on the Indonesia coastline but couldn’t be identified and spent the next 7 years living on village streets.  Somehow she made a return to her village (now age 15) and was reunited with her mother and extended family.  Amazing fortune – hard to imagine the joy of the girl and her family.

On a lighter note, there was no indication that she was in contact with the long-lost S.S. Minnow during her ordeal and she claimed no knowledge of either a “Gilligan” or “Skipper.”

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