Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Means...

I get this monthly professional geologist magazine – because I am one. Not the bang on rocks type of geologist, but the water resources/water quality kind. At least I used to be way back when. But I still have some certifications and still get the magazine.

So in this month’s issue it listed other members of this professional association who had passed away – I guess since the last issue came out – it didn’t say. Twelve members were deceased and they represented the following states: Texas – 5; South Carolina – 2; Colorado, Oregon, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania – one each.

So what should I conclude from this data set?

1) Whoa man, I’m glad I don’t live in Texas. Geologists are dropping like flies there!
2) People in the Northeast seem to live longer.
3) I knew I should have gone into accounting instead of geology.
4) I have no idea, send me more information that I can analyze.
5) Drop this certification – it’s depressing. Plus I’ll save some money on dues and save the planet because the association can print one less copy of the magazine.

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