Saturday, June 23, 2012

Double-take Businesses

Have you ever come across a business establishment that caused you to do a double-take because of their name?  Specifically, businesses that offer two unrelated services or products?  One of my nieces in NC posted this local store front on her FB page awhile back. It reminded me of some others I had come across, most recently, Jake’s Coffee and Car Wash (Lebanon, NH). But I dug through some of my research files (aka, basement dust collectors that irk my Better Half) and came up with these:

JayBees Auto Service and Henry’s Hair Studio (Tucson, AZ)
Lee’s Laundry and Fitness Center (Milo, ME)
Garbers Ice Cream, Guns and Ammo (Clear Brook, VA)
Bingo & Ballet (Strasburg, VA)
Raymond Real Estate and Donut Shop (Raymond, NH – burned down)
Veterinarian and Well Driller (Bedford, NH)
Mainstreet Ice Cream, TV, VCR and Video (Colebrook, NH)
Hilltop Pizza, Video and Tanning Salon (Parkersburg, WV)
Elizabethon Herb and Metal Company (Elizabethon, TN)
Stan’s Baseball Cards and Frozen Storage (Sea-Tac Airport, WA)

And my personal favorite, Ray’s TV and Shoe Repair. This was a shop located in the old Granite Square section of Manchester, NH before urban renewal plowed it under. This was also back in the days when TV’s had tubes, and were mostly repairable when on the fritz.  But what kind of guy has skill sets suitable for both electronics and shoe repair?  I always regretted not getting a photo of Ray’s store sign.

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