Thursday, June 7, 2012

Landscapers' Roadshow

So when exactly did landscapers run out and buy moving vans?  Were there lots of bargains on the market due to this economic slowdown where folks aren’t moving cross-country as much?  In the McMansion neighborhood that I cut through on my way to work these parked behemoths routinely block an entire lane forcing one-way traffic.  Shouldn’t there be an off-duty policeman stationed there with his warning lights flashing away?

It wasn’t long ago that landscapers towed around those open trailers made of metal mesh – that was it.  Heck, I can recall when a landscaper was a solo gentleman with a two day old scruffy beard, a push lawnmower, a rake and an aging hound dog or mutt for companionship.  All transported in the back of his 20 year old Chevy pickup truck with four dented fenders and a busted taillight.  Times ain’t what they used to be.

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