Friday, June 22, 2012

Someday You May Land in Bangor

...whether you want to or not.

A few weeks ago in writing about the Cold War, I posted some side comments about Bangor International Airport.  This WSJ article elaborates further on Bangor's role in international aviation today.

"Since 2005, Bangor, a former Air Force base, has handled 647 diverted flights. Most have come in for fuel, such as a flurry of flights this spring that needed to stop for gas because of strong headwinds. But some have serious emergencies."

Semi-related factoid: When Bangor first started commercial passenger service with the hopes of being a reasonably busy travel destination (on purpose), Hilton built a small multistory hotel attached to the terminal via an elevated walkway.  It had only 111 guest rooms at the time making it the smallest Hilton in the world.  I stayed there once on a business trip. It was comfortable and cozy. It ceased to be a Hilton hotel many years ago but is still run as an attractive Four Points Sheraton. The current claim for the smallest Hilton is one in Dubrovnik, Croatia, but that has 139 rooms and 8 apartments.  So Bangor would still reign if it had stayed within the Hilton family.

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