Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bimbo Bakeries

I think most people take pride in the company they work for. Or at least they’d like to take pride in their employer.  I came across this posting on a professional employment website this week:

“Regional Environmental Sustainability Engineer at Bimbo Bakeries USA.”   Yes, of course it’s in California, did you have to ask?

The ad goes on a full page listing all the duties and requirements.  It sounds like a fun place to work, for sure, but I don’t know about having Bimbo Bakeries on my resume when I go to apply for the next job, at say IBM, Price Waterhouse Coopers, or Coca-Cola.  Maybe you’d be a shoe-in at Hooters corporate headquarter though?


Anonymous said...

you must really be very ignorant. how else could you suggest that there is any sort of comparison between Bimbo Bakeries and Hooters? You clearly have not done your research. start here:

Sponge-headed ScienceMan said...

I stand corrected. It looks to be a fine company and workplace.

Now, are there any Hooters supporters out there?