Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fortune Lost

The Misses and I were cleaning out some more of our long term storage bins in our basement when we came across this Beatles fan magazine from her teeny-bopper years. It’s in darn good shape (in spite of my wife’s lipstick marks on the cover) and it’s 1964 Issue No. 1.  Wow!  I’m thinking, “Hello Caribbean vacation AND retirement fund!”  So I rush to e-Bay hoping to confirm that I'm holding a $100,000 treasure.  Well, the sad story is there’s already plenty of copies of that issue for sale with starting prices as low as $12.95.  Goodbye pot of gold.  That’s why I don’t but lottery tickets or believe in the latest hot stock tips. I'm just not destined to find that gem in the rough.

The Misses still loves the Beatles – and begrudgingly, I guess I do too.  But not enough to kiss a $12.95 magazine cover.

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