Friday, February 24, 2012

Coolest Truck Ever Made

Divco was a brand name of popular delivery trucks made in the United States. Divco is an acronym for the Detroit Industrial Vehicles Company. Founded in 1926, Divco was well-known for its pioneering delivery vehicles, especially the home delivery milk trucks, but these versatile little trucks were used as ice cream trucks, laundry delivery and other uses as well. From 1926 until 1986, Divco produced multi-stop delivery trucks unlike any others. Only the VW Beetle stayed in production with the same basic model for a longer period of time. To me the front snout of the original VW Bug looks a lot like the Divco snout.

Divco trucks have become very popular among collectors and restorers of classical trucks. Full restored Divcos are pricy and ones in restorable condition are hard to find. My Divco, if I had one, would be the hit of the 4th of July Amherst parade each year.

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I don't recall ever seeing them.