Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sustainable Advice from Lefty

I received some sound advice from my personal accountant, Lefty (his real name, honest) after publishing my second book on a technical topic. “Ditch these technical books; they’re dogs that don’t make any money. Write something spicy,” he said.

I’ve been thinking about Lefty’s advice hard and long. He’s right. Even the sustainability stuff I’ve been writing about these last few years is not sexy or exciting enough. So I’m launching a new web publication, The Sustainability Ragsheet made only from post-consumer gigabytes. Watch this digital space. Appearing soon will be articles along the lines of:

Confessions of an EMS Auditor
Eight Things ISO Registrars Won’t Tell You
Shockingly Simple Shortcuts to a Better EHS Program
Hidden Dangers of the Manic EHS Boss
Why Dilbert Comic Strips are Now Driving Corporate Sustainability Programs
Are Recycling Centers Biased in Favor of the 1%?
The Lavish Mansions of Former Sustainability Gurus
CFOs Claim Bloated CSR Programs Must Go!
Five Fun Facts About Carbon Disclosure
Three Big Mistakes Celebrities Make When Going Green
Is Donald Trump’s Hair Really 100% Recycled?
Secret Government Agency Created by Congress will Mandate Social Responsibility by 2015
EHS Tattoos – Dos and Don’ts
How Cloud Computing is Worsening the Acid Rain Problem and the Radical Remedy Proposed by Out-of-control Scientists
Movement to Ban All References to “Innovation” in the Workplace Gaining Support in Influential Circles
Did UFO Visitors Invent EHS Auditing as Some Historians Now Claim?
Lose Those Ugly LEEDs in Just 14 days!
Warren Buffet Reportedly Poised to Buy the Rights to “Sustainability” for $20B and move it to Omaha


james said...

7 Tips for EHS outside the bedroom

Gringo said...

Which reminds me of the article I once saw in some student engineer magazine: "Who Says Engineers are Boring?" The article featured an engineer who volunteered as a school crossing guard!

Embrace your nerdiness.

As long as you can find someone with whom you can talk shop.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Those articles look like a lot of fun. I'd read that.