Sunday, July 22, 2012

I’d Chop Off My Head for You

I like a lot of today’s music, not all, but a fair bit of it. Bruno Mars is talented and the official video of his Grenade has something like 260 million hits on Youtube. I like his acoustical guitar version that I posted below much better – no cheesy symbolism – just music. Heck, this version has 45 million hits so you can’t say it’s being ignored.

But I’m a sucker for good parody. I read Mad Magazine faithfully in my junior high years and have been a Weird Al Yankovic fan from the start. So the second clip by the Key of Awesome hits home with me.

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Gringo said...

Like the Wierd Al Yankovic parodies, you do not need to know the song to enjoy the parody. A good parody stands by itself.

I suppose if I knew the words to "Gangster Paradise," I would appreciate "Amish Paradise" more than I do. But I already like it.

Similarly, you do not need an intimate knowledge of Victorian Society to enjoy W.S. Gilbert's lyrics.

Good comedy is NOT completely topical. Just partially.