Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Long Line of Button Pushers

My 23 month old grandson has been a button pusher since he could crawl and reach. So cabinet doors to electronics are secured, sometimes with just heavy rubber bands, and other devices placed like cordless phones set out of his grasp. I’m not sure but I think he’s asking his mom and dad for his own Smart phone for his second birthday so he doesn’t have to bother theirs.

I realized this morning that I’m a button pusher just like my grandson. Every morning I have five buttons/switches to push in my office to start my day: 

1)     Light switch

2)     Desk fan (to move air and also create a little white noise)

3)     Computer power (laptop on docking station)

4)     Separate monitor (easier on the eyes)

5)     Plug in a wireless mouse (It has no separate off switch. I unplug the USB tab to save battery life overnight, Frugal Yankee that I am).

Then I’m set for the duration. No more button pushing required until quitting time

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