Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Job Loss Trough

I came across this article on job losses and growth by R. Paul Herman and Tom Bowmer.  I’m not sure I fully buy in to their “impact sector” job growth category – jobs that have a positive impact on the world are growing faster than those that don’t.  Interesting thesis – I guess I’d need to study what gets grouped by category and why.

But one chart presented in the article caught my attention. A stark representation of the depth and longevity of this Great Recession we’re in. If you project out the slope of the current jobs trend line it looks like we’re 30 months or so away from getting back to the null point.

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

And that group will continue to make less, work less, and get promoted less for the rest of their careers. Part of that is obvious stuff like resume holes and missed opportunities to impress, but there also seems to be a diminution of expectations of one's own value that persists. We adjust downward, quite realistically, in the face of adversity. But we cannot turn it back on full.

Students graduating in 2014 will pass those who graduated in 2009 about a decade out - ridiculously early. I don't have a solution.